Menu and Bar Information

Our experienced staff at Drinkwaters Restaurant ensure that all catering requirements for receptions or special event meet stringent standards of food quality and service.   Our hospitality, concierge and Food & Beverage staff will be delighted to serve your customized menu options.  

Hors D’Oeuvres -  appetizers or canapes may be served before the meal or may be served with dinner as a part of the meal.  Using our award-winning Drinkwaters menu as a guide,  we work with you to create delicious custom canape options with or without table service.



Plated Three Course Dinners -  Using our award-winning Drinkwaters menu as a guide,  we work with you to create a custom three-course dinner with plated service.   Choose from our selection of popular appetizers, entrees and desserts.  We allow two entrees and one vegetarian entrée option.

Buffet Dinners -  For those preferring a traditional buffet style experience,  we work with you to create a customized buffet with selections such  as salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts.


Host Bar -  Also known as an open bar, a host bar option is available.  Non-alcoholic drinks and alcoholic drinks including beer, wine and spirits will be paid entirely by the host.

Cash Bar -   Individual bar tabs for each guest are also available.  All Non–alcoholic and alcoholic drinks from our Drinkwaters Beverage menu would be ordered and paid by each guest. 

Wine - Bottled Red or White wine, Rosé or Champagne options may be selected from our Drinkwaters Wine List.  We will happily assist you in choosing the optimal pairing to complement your menu options. 



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